Our B+ Team

With over 50 years of combined professional experience in architecture, communication, art and culture, we have almost everything it takes to communicate your BAUKUNST project.

Kathrin Albrecht
Portrait Kathrin Albrecht
Painting: Meldt Albrecht

Kathrin Albrecht


Dipl.-Ing. FH Innenarchitektur

M.A. Communication & Leadership

“What to do when one’s own heart’s discipline, the art of building, carries a share in our CO2 balance that cannot be talked down and the professional environment only wants to be proselytized to a limited extent?! I don’t want to confront my counterpart with a “How dare you?!”, but say “I have a dream.” – and make it come true with the means of architecture and sustainability communication.

With BAUKUNST.PLUS I follow my conviction that architecture, attitude and communication cannot be separated. It is precisely as creatives and communicators that we can find answers to many social and environmental issues in terms of content and design and inspire people to take responsibility. Because yes, commitment is not only fun, but also has real added value. We’re on it … and talking about it!”

Kolja Schwab
Portrait Kolja Schwab
Photo 2: Joanna Nottebrock

Kolja Schwab

Communication, Marketing + Design


“Since I started working for a company in the field of renewable energies in 2002, it has been clear to me that mankind is facing the greatest challenge in its history with the climate catastrophe and the loss of biodiversity. While on the one hand only action counts, I am equally convinced that a communicative and artistic approach is also needed to create space for new perspectives and positive visions for our world.

That’s why at B+ I’m happy to apply my communications and marketing know-how to projects that combine sustainability and architecture. And when it suits the project, I also like to bring in my passion for music.”

Esther Tusch
Portrait Esther Tusch
Illustration: Andrea Wong

Esther Tusch

Social Media Connoisseur

B.A. Languages and Business
M.A. Art and Cultural Education

“When I’m not scrolling around on Instagram, you’ll definitely find me in nature, where I love to take time out on my red bike. My passion for communication and language has been with me my entire life.

I came to B+ through a joint exhibition project and am very grateful to be able to expand my horizons in the direction of architecture. I look at sustainability holistically – whether it’s products in everyday life or professional projects – and always ask myself: what’s the added value?”

Carsten Weers
Photo: Louisa Heizmann

Carsten Weers

Interior Designer + Visual Athlete

B.A. Interior Design

Carsten is our visualization joker and supports BAUKUNST.PLUS in all projects that require architectural planning skills. When he knocked on our door in 2020, he was actually just looking for a nice place for his desk. But already in the first conversation we recognized the rough diamond in front of us and directly persuaded him to a joint design for a psychiatric practice. Since then, it’s hard to imagine our B+ universe without Carsten.

Our Partners

We live and breathe networking and enjoy project-based collaborations with many different talents. Here are a few of them:

Portrait Olivia Wood Alexander Rütten

Alexander Rütten + Olivia Wood

Olivia and Alexander have been designing in their Berlin design studio since 2002. Brand, logotype, corporate design, icon, type design, web and user interface design are their areas of interest. After work they enjoy cycling, Moselriesling and nice chairs.

Portrait Christian Clarke

Christian Clarke

We fell in love with the very unique aesthetic of Christian's work 20 years ago. What makes them so special? Probably the influence of his first professional love, dancing, which he learned from the revolutionary of contemporary dance, Pina Bausch, in Wuppertal and later refined in London.

Portrait Andrea Wong

Andrea Wong

“My heart beats for illustration, print and book design - professions I have been practicing as a freelancer for more than ten years. My clients include companies, associations and publishers. When I'm not sitting in front of my computer, you can find me either at a concert or in the woods - usually with a sketchbook at hand.”

Vera Burmester

Vera Burmester

Vera is a visual artist and creates poetic, humorous and sometimes melancholic works of art.
And on Fridays, she teaches bookbinding to students at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts!