July 18, 2022


In the second episode, we spoke with Christoph Elsässer, the responsible project manager from the Rotterdam planning office West 8, and with Prof. Irene Lohaus and Thomas Köhlmos, both partners of Lohaus – Carl – Köhlmos in Hanover, about the master planning and development of the neighbourhood park.

In its design, Kronsrode follows two impressive models: The master planning draws on the experience gained by West 8 with the Nieuw Crooswijk neighbourhood in Rotterdam, while the Quartierspark, the much larger Westpark in Augsburg in terms of its proportions, was the inspiration – a project for which Lohaus – Carl – Köhlmos were recently awarded the German Landscape Architecture Prize.

We would like to thank our three informative and interesting discussion partners as well as our client KS-ORIGINAL for the opportunity to take a closer look at sustainable aspects in master and green space planning!

Photo: Christian Clarke

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