June 25, 2020

On board at DGNB

„Sustainability is not just the latest trend, it’s a golden opportunity to meet the biggest challenge of our time – climate protection. And the best way to do that is to work together!“ That is why we became a member of the German Sustainable Building Council.

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Bueroschluessel_Arbeitsraum FW2
June 16, 2020

BK+ offers workspace

The workspace FW2 will open shortly and has still few free places. Interested?

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May 28, 2020

BK+ Practice Alipoé-Schnetzer

The photographer Christian Clarke portrays employees and practice rooms. As always it was fun working with you, dear Christian!

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Baukunst-Plus Geschäftsausstattung
April 01, 2020

BK+ fresh from the press!

We are completely in love with our business equipment. A big thank you to Alex Rütten from Formsport, Andrea Wong and Friedemann Lang from Reset St. Pauli Druckerei for the great printing work.

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Plug & Work_Foto Kathrin Albrecht
March 30, 2020

BK+ wins “Plug & Work“

With the Plug & Work competition hannoverimpuls supports young companies in entering the market by means of subsidised office and work space with a total value of several thousand euros. Our thanks go especially to Melissa Jung for the convincing presentation of our business concept.

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Corporate Design Praxis Alipoe-Schnetzer
March 20, 2020

unika [ˈuːnika] = unique (Esperanto)

What do we want to celebrate and emphasize with the corporate design and later also with the help of corporate (interior) architecture for the Alipoé-Schnetzer practice? The uniqueness of each person – employee and patient alike. The office equipment developed by formsport Berlin is correspondingly individual!

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Patenschaft Zenzeleni Waldorf Schule
March 13, 2020

BK+ meets Zenzeleni Waldorf School

What a touching morning, when we were allowed to visit the first grade kids, which we have been supporting since our foundation. See you hopefully soon again!

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HMTMH_Fassadenschriftzug_Foto Kathrin Albrecht
February 25, 2020

BK+ welcomes HMTMH

New client on board.

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Kathrin Albrecht_Class 1 Zenzeleni_Foto Genevieve Langenhoven
February 21, 2020

Sponsorship Zenzeleni Waldorf School

We help a 1st grade kid go to school at Zenzeleni Waldorf School in the township of Khayelitsha near Cape Town, S.A.

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February 20, 2020

Founding of BK+

Since the topic of female empowerment is a matter close to our hearts – besides architecture and sustainability – BAUKUNST.PLUS was launched on „Weiberfastnacht“. How nice when the date of birth brings along such a wonderful numbers set: 02-20-2020!

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