2nd Birthday B+
February 20, 2022

Came to stay

“… like a perfect stain,” Wir sind Helden are singing in their song of the same name. And it was with just such a symbol that we provided the doctor’s office of the Alipoé-Schnetzer practice in our very first project. In addition to architecture, space and environment, we celebrate the unique and celebrate people by making visible not only our clients but also their employees, colleagues, clients and patients.

Two years ago today, we had a business plan in the drawer, a commitment for a start-up loan in the mailbox, and the prospect of a great workspace in an historic building. Nothing more. Renovation and furnishing were still ahead of us, as was the creation of our own brand. Corporate design, website, claim… you name it. Without having earned a single cent to date, we wanted to let someone share in our growth: B+ has been supporting a primary school student at Zenzeleni Waldorf School in a township just outside Cape Town since day 1. Only 23 days after our founding, we visited the boy and his classmates in Khayelitsha… and unintentionally experienced firsthand how fragile our system is. Between the old and the new time there was only a 12-hour flight. As soon as we arrived at the other end of the world, the homeland closed its borders and the world took a break. Partly until today.

Even though this look back seems like looking back into another era, we are well aware that we did not learn to walk by ourselves. We thank friends and family for their hands-on support and encouragement to persevere! Thanks also to our brave customers from the very beginning – Praxis Alipoé-Schnetzer, Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media, and KS-Original, a manufacturer of building materials.

Today, our stand is a safer one. The idea and spirit of BAUKUNST.PLUS is constantly developing thanks to various partners and we have been able to find a professional home that is even more beautiful than initially dreamed. “Came to stay, we’re not leaving here!”

Film/Photo: Meldt Albrecht
Editing: Kolja Schwab