Concept + layout | SEP ARCHITECTS


  • Public Relations
  • Print- + Editorial Design
  • Text + Concept

Project period:

  • 2018

"The Kiel-Schilksee Olympic Centre is the venue for the Olympic sailing competitions in 1972 (...) and is still a building of supra-local importance today. Over the decades, however, it has undergone so many changes that the actual meaning behind its appearance is difficult to perceive. As a tool, intended to correct possible mistakes of the past (...) the state capital Kiel has commissioned us, the creators of the building, to write this design manual. (...)“

The brochure, for which I was responsible for concept, layout and print preparation, was created during my time at SEP | ARCHITEKTEN.

SEP Architekten_Gestaltungshandbuch_Foto Kathrin Albrecht