External Head of Communication + Web Relaunch | POLA Landschaftsarchitekten


  • Project Management
  • Public Relations
  • Webdesign – Development + Maintenance
  • Brand Staging


  • Graphic Design: Andrea Wong
  • Editing and Translation: Eike Nitz
  • Film and Photography: Christian Clarke
  • Web Design & Programming: LOOM Berlin

Project period:

  • 2021/2022

The importance and influence of good architectural communication on the fate of a planning office is increasingly appreciated at the owner and management level; more and more companies afford themselves a PR manager. POLA Landscape Architects took this step in September 2021 and put their communication on a solid footing with us.

POLA is an internationally operating studio with offices in Berlin and Hamburg, whose vision is the manifestation of a poetic modernity in landscape and garden architecture.

As external communication strategists, we at BAUKUNST.PLUS oversaw the project management of the web relaunch, developed the site structure and a large part of the texts, coordinated the external service providers, and took care of the content maintenance in the German and English language versions.

In addition to the new website www.pola-berlin.de/en, we restructured the project data maintenance, got the press and publication planning off the ground and implemented a procedure for applying for prizes and awards. 

Other highlights included the organisation of events such as the Day of Architecture in Lower Saxony and Hamburg, the successful application for several prizes, the supervision of publications and the POLA New Year’s greeting.

After one year of support with about 20 hours per week, we can gradually reduce our support and hand over the communication area to colleagues from the POLA team. And that’s what BAUKUNST.PLUS is all about: we want to empower our clients instead of making them dependent on us, but we remain available should our expertise and contacts be needed.

Photos New Year’s Greeting: Stephan Simonis

Many, many thanks to all those who have contributed intensively, directly, or also passively, to the fact that POLA now also has a very beautiful and special appearance on the www. I am particularly pleased that everyone at POLA has been given a face with the new website and that everyone who visits the site now knows not only what POLA is and does, but also – and this is very important to me – WHO POLA IS. Namely the sum of the employees.

Special thanks go to Kathrin and her team. Without you, all this would have been impossible, especially in this high quality of content and appearance.

Jörg Michel | Founder and owner of the POLA Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH