Design development | Practice Alipoé-Schnetzer


  • Graphic design - Alexander Rütten & Olivia Wood | formsport
  • Webdesign & programming - Alex Rütten | formsport

Project period:

  • 2019

"We celebrate the uniqueness of each and see the good! And no matter how strange a situation may seem at the moment, there is always a perspective for growth and change!"

These words of Dr. med. Lena Alipoé-Schnetzer form the foundation of our design development. As a sign of uniqueness and growth we have chosen the tree disc, which is not good or badly "grown", but tells a value-free, individual life story.

With individual business cards and door signs we have responded to the wish that not only the patients are seen, but at the same time the therapists become more visible. For each employee, we created an individual colour set that mixes from the practice colours, which will later be used in web design and interior design.

Praxis Alipoe-Schnetzer_CD_Teaser