Potential Analysis | German Rock Music Foundation


  • Potential analysis incl. Lph 0 + 1
  • Informal enquiry according to RZBau
  • Digital presentation folder for stakeholder communication


  • Visualisations Carsten Weers
  • Illustrations Andrea Wong

Project period:

  • 2021/2022

"A goal is a dream with a deadline" is what we learned from our client, the German Rock Music Foundation. The foundation has a dream that immediately excited us: The German Centre for Music Technology, also known as [backwardPLAYforward], is to be built in the middle of Hanover's Nordstadt and will be a place of experience as well as a research platform for sound carriers, music production and digitisation - made possible by cultural funding from the federal government.

BAUKUNST.PLUS wants to contribute to turning the dream into an achievable goal with a potential analysis. Because analysis- and data-based communication, as we have formulated it in the direction of the federal government, neither reaches nor convinces many other stakeholders by choice, we have put together an image-rich package for the stakeholder communication of the German Rock Music Foundation. 

Our anticipation for this special new building project in Hanover is great!