We communicate architecture and sustainability. Preferably in the same project!


BAUKUNST.PLUS was founded in 2020 with a focus on helping the “art of building” - by which we mean the three disciplines of architecture, interior design and landscape architecture - to become more visible and sustainable. Because we believe that more sustainable planning not only helps the climate, conserves resources and minimizes waste, but can also strengthen the corporate divisions of human resources and business development.

In the name of art
Moreover, ART has immortalized itself in the company name for another good reason: We believe in the concept of Healing Art, especially in the context of medical and therapeutic places, and we are regularly allowed to marvel at the added value that our work experiences through artistic interventions.

How can we support you?
Architects and companies in the construction and real estate industry will find support in all questions of press relations, project presentation and self-marketing, and will experience a clear profile enhancement. With a structured Internet presence, brochures that people like to pick up, films that allow a look behind the facade and texts that get to the point. And through dedicated press work. Mostly we help our clients learn to walk the walk and put their public relations + business development departments on a sound footing; sometimes our clients also want long-term PR support. Both is possible.